1989 Stratocaster American Vintage '62 Reissue Mary Kaye blond

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1989 Stratocaster American Vintage '62 Reissue, blond. Made in USA, serial number V044279. This guitar is mostly original and comes with a recent Fender formfit hardshell case. The tremolo arm is recent, as is a paper-in-oil tone cap. The pickguard, knobs and pickup covers. 5-way switch are replacements as there's a humbucker route (nice and clean) underneath. The bridge pickup is also hooked up to the middle pickup tone knob. The neck pickup is a later Custom Shop model, perfect fit sonically and in output. Has a refret with 9.5" fretboard radius.

It's the rare 'Mary Kaye' style limited edition version with factory gold hardware and a see-through blond finish on an ash body. Look at that insanely beautifully aged finish, wow. In most cases, these reissues were quite heavy, but this one here weighs only a hair under 3.5kg!