1990 Gibson Les Paul Custom alpine white

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1990 Gibson Les Paul Custom, alpine white. Serial number 90600551. This guitar is 100% original (including the original brown Gibson hardshell case), with the exception of Schaller straplocks and missing pickup covers. Both pickups are the sought after Bill Lawrence designed 'The Original' humbuckers and both are the HB-R model. Usually, these would mount one HB-R and one HB-L (high output) pickup, but the double HB-R makes so much more sense as both pickups are in the 7k ohm resistance range and get much closer to PAF sounds. Long story short: it is possible that the bridge pickup was swapped out at some point or that bridge and neck pickup were switched out in position for a better tonal balance. The guitar shows about the most beautiful natural aging and yellowing that we have ever seen on a recent production guitar, it literally oozes mojo. Weighs 4.45kg.