1991 Fender Jazz Bass 66 Reissue Dots & Binding sherwood green metallic

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Ca. 1991 Fender Jazz Bass '66 Reissue, sherwood green metallic. Made in Japan, serial number L002270. This bass is all original except for recent Gotoh tuners, CTS pots, Switchcraft input jack, Sprague Orange Drop tone cap. It features a set of great sounding Fender USA Vintage pickups. Ultra rare custom ordered 'Dots & Binding' reissue (matching order number stamps in neck pocket and on the neck heel) with matching headstock. We're calling the color sherwood green as it's more electric green as the usual ocean turquoise metallic seen on say a '62 reissue. Was once oversprayed red, traces can be seen in the neck pocket and electronics cavity. Fantastic bass! Weighs 4.65kg.