1998 Fender Stratocaster 62 Reissue ocean turquoise metallic

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Ca. 1998 Fender Stratocaster '62 Reissue, ocean turquoise metallic. Crafted in Japan, serial number O041097. This guitar has been modified with CTS pots, CRL Switch, two MIJ Alnico pickups and a Seymour Duncan Hotrails. There was a different bridge on it at one point with the cavity for it slightly enlarged (this can be seen from the right angle) and a bunch of extra holes. The bridge pickup can be split for both humbucker and single coil model with an added switch, it's also hooked to the tone pot. New pickguard with some extra holes. The frets show only a tiny bit of wear and the guitar is freshly setup with 10-46 strings. Weighs 3.55kg.