1999 Fender Stratocaster 62 Reissue nitro burgundy mist metallic

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Ca. 1999 Fender Stratocaster '62 Reissue, burgundy mist metallic. Crafted in Japan, serial number O067893. This guitar is 100% original except for the missing white plastic back plate, the nut and the input jack. It's one of the coolest Fender Japan Strats we've ever seen: it features a matching headstock and a full nitro finish, much thinner than the average (and already extremely rare) Fender Japan lacquer finish. It shows some wear and a previous owner engraved the name 'Rosie' on the back. It has factory mounted Fender USA Vintage pickups and the nicest rounded neck profile, much like an early 60s Strat. A recent pro refret makes it an excellent player too. The single ply white plastic pickguard is also original to the guitar, so this must be custom ordered model, says DK-184 in the neck pocket. Only weighs 3.3kg.