2006 Gibson Les Paul Junior DC Historic 58 Reissue VOS tv yellow

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2006 Gibson Les Paul Junior DC  Historic '58 Reissue VOS, tv yellow. Made in USA, serial number 86453. This guitar is 100% original except for newer CTS pots and 50s wiring. It has on extra strap button hole and comes with the certificate of authenticity and the period correct black tolex Gibson Custom Shop hardshell case. Had Grovers installed at one point, the original tuners are back on now. The installation of the Grovers caused a small stress crack on top of the headstock - has been professionally repaired and is invisible aka looks just like the rest of the cool weather checking in the finis on the guitar. The discoloration on the back of the neck is from a cheap guitar stand most likely.  If you're looking for a hot p-90 equipped Junior with a baseball bat neck profile, this is the one! Weighs 3.85kg.