2010s Deviser STR Sonix Momose Les Paul 56 Reissue goldtop

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Ca. 2010s Deviser Les Paul 56 Reissue, goldtop. Made in Japan. This guitar started its life as super high end Les Paul handmade by the Deviser company under either the STR, Sonix or Momose brand. It features a one-piece mahogany neck, one-piece mahogany back, gorgeous fretboard and top contours. The guitar features a thin nitro finish and had the Gibson logo inlaid on the headstock. Features a Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Alnico Staple in the neck and a Lindy Fralin bridge P-90 pickup, Kluson Double Line tuners and CTS pots. A real winner and what an incredibly cool mashup of a '56 Goldtop and Les Paul Custom, wow! Weighs 4.35kg.